Movie adaptations of two of Mark’s books are currently in pre-production in Hollywood:


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Castle of the Eagles, Mark’s forthcoming escape adventure, set in Italy during World War II, has been optioned to Hollywood film company Entertainment One and is in pre-production.


The company is responsible for such recent hits as Eye in the Sky with Helen Mirren, Suite Francaise with Kristin Scott Thomas and The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe. At the helm of the Castle of the Eagles project is one of the producers of the 2016 Academy Awards Best Picture Spotlight.


Zero Night Paperback

Mark’s hit book Zero Night: The Untold Story of World War Two’s Most Daring Great Escape has been also optioned to Hollywood.


Essential Media is currently developing the movie adaptation, produced by Simonne Overend and Ian Collie (who produced Saving Mr. Banks with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson), and screenplay by  Yolanda Ramke (director of Cargo with Martin Freeman). ESSENTIAL-LOGO-orangeMark has been acting as historical advisor during development. The option has been renewed, with the project currently in pre-production.



Mark often appears as an expert in major television documentaries and is much sought after as an authority in many areas of military history.

Mad Science: Nazi Killer Bugs (2015)

Mad Science‘The Nazi work on developing a biological weapon to use against the Allies and change the course of World War II.’ American Heroes Channel.

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Evolution of Evil (2015)
Evolution of EvilA 10-part American Heroes Channel docuseries that traces the personal trajectories of 10 notorious world leaders. Mark discusses the rise and fall of Japan’s infamous wartime leader General Hideki Tojo in Episode 4: Tojo: Japan’s Razor of Fear.

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Combat Trains (2015)
Combat trains

Trains have played a crucial role in the war effort in the major conflicts of the past 150 years. These trains were a vital cog in the military machine from carrying troops, to moving hospitals, to being transformed into actual weapons.

In this compelling 8-part History Channel series, the stories of these incredible trains is told. Combining expert interviews, authentic reconstruction, engineering graphics and archive, highlighting the extraordinary human stories alongside the engineering detail and military perspective. Mark appears Series 1 – Episode 1: Nazi Railways

Top Tens of Warfare (2016)

Top Tens of Warfare, a new 10-part Discovery Quest documentary series, uses archive footage straight from the battlefield to identify and rank the iconic features of war and explain how technology has advanced through to modern-day conflicts.

Mark appears in the following episodes:


Nazi World War Weird (2016)
Nazi World War Weird

New series presented by Dr. Sam Willis for National Geographic in 2016. Mark helps Sam discover more about diabolical Japanese plans to bomb the US with plague and other nasties in Episode 6: Secret Flea Bomb.



A French documentary for RMC Decouverte on Hitler’s train called “La Bete D’Acier or The Beast of Steel“, directed by famous French filmmaker Daniel Ablin. The Beast of Steel

French Filming


Three Minutes of Mayhem (2015)
bbc-logoZero Night has been the subject of an excellent BBC Radio documentary. Listen here: Three Minutes of Mayhem

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Zero Night US Cover

The Film Programme (2016)

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An in depth interview about the process of writing Castle of the Eagles is available on Colne Radio. The Film Programme