Slaughter at Sea

Slaughter at Sea

As featured in The Daily Mail: Alive and Safe

Ironically while the Japanese Navy followed many of the Royal Navy’s traditions and structures, it had a totally different approach to the treatment of its foes. The author has uncovered a plethora of outrages against both servicemen and civilians which make chilling and shocking reading. These range from the execution of POWs, the abandonment of survivors to the elements and certain starvation to the infamous Hell Ships. The author, who lived in the Far East for a decade, ¬†examines the different culture that led to these frequent and appalling atrocities. This is a serious and fascinating study of a dark chapter in Naval warfare history.

Slaughter at Sea (Polish)

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  1. Hello Mr Felton,I like your work,you may have covered it,but people make Movies about the Titannic,when about 1500 died.Have you covered the Lancastria?Churchill had it blacked out from Media,surely it should be told of now,at least 4000 died in 1940 ,maybe more.There are some basic videos on the Web,but you do a good job of things.More contensious,but have you done work on the legend of the `Shingle Street` German invasion,and the fire at sea,mass graves at Southwold,if it`s true?

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