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  • 30 November 2020 – Mark Felton Productions has surpassed 1,000,000 subscribers! I have been awarded the YouTube Gold Creator Award.
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  • 21 September 2020 – ‘War Stories with Mark Felton’ has received the YouTube Silver Play Button for 100,000 subscribers!


  • 9 September 2020 – delighted to announced that Zen Productions in the US have optioned The Real Tenko and The Devil’s Doctors for television development.
  • 7 September 2020 – My second YouTube channel, War Stories with Mark Felton, has just earned a Silver Play Button after reaching 100,000 subscribers!!!


  • 12 April 2019 – awarded the YouTube Silver Play Button:IMG_0088
  • 17 March 2019 – !!!!!Mark Felton Productions has reached 100,000 subscribers!!!!!!


  • 13 January 2019 – Exciting news! A director has been attached to the Castle of the Eagles film project. More to follow…
  • 30 December 2018 – Mark Felton Productions has surpassed 50,000 subscribers! Many thanks to all of my supporters!
  • Forthcoming Media Appearances – tune in to the following radio programmes to hear me discussing my new book Ghost Riders:
  • BBC Radio Norfolk, 4:10pm, Thursday 19 July
  • Talk Radio Europe, 10:30am, Monday 23 July
  • BBC Radio Essex, 2:00pm, Tuesday 28 August
  • 6 July 2018 – Groovy Czech language edition of Castle of the Eagles
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  • 4 May 2018 – Cover for my new book Ghost Riders. Hits the shops on 5th July (UK) and 2nd October (US)

Ghost Riders

Pre-order hardback or KindleGhost Riders –

  • 28 February 2018 – Spent the day filming a new French documentary for RMC Découverte.IMG_4076
  • 2 February 2018 – Sneak peak at the cover for my forthcoming book Ghost Riders, due for publication in the UK in July and the US later this year.

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  • 5 January 2018 – At The Imperial War Museum Duxford. Great to see the “Forgotten War” section about the Far East Campaign, which is sadly all too often overlooked in the UK.


  • 8 December 2017 – That’s Shanghai! magazine features my article on the Japanese takeover of the International Settlement on 8 December 1941 – This Day in History
  • 5 October 2017: News of Finding Wee Paddy documentary in the The Derry Journal – Derry Journal
  • 4 October 2017: The perfect Christmas present – a paperback copy of my bestseller Zero Night signed by me for only £4.99 plus P&P. Click: Special Offer
  • 30 September 2017: Finding Wee Paddy – Fascinating afternoon filming at mine for a new documentary tied in with my discovery of the lost graves of British soldiers killed in Shanghai in 1937.

Finding Wee Paddy

  • September 2017: New paperback of Castle of the Eagles released – nice cover art!
  • Castle of the Eagles PB
  • 3 August 2017 – Here’s my recent appearance on BBC Radio Norfolk including some fantastic war movie themes (from 02:09:00)! Jo Thewlis Show
  • 1 August 2017 – Tune in to BBC Radio Norfolk this evening at 6pm when I shall be discussing my life and books.
  • 6 June 2017 – MOVIE NEWS! Really excited to update everyone with details of the producers and screenwriter on the Castle of the Eagles film project. Producing for eOne and Moonriver Content is Xavier Marchand, who’s credits include Spotlight (Academy Award Best Picture 2016), Eye in the Sky with Helen Mirren, Suite Francaise with Michelle Williams & Kristin Scott Thomas, and The Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe. Also producing  is Brad Luff, who’s credits include upcoming US tv show Siren, and movies Extinction with Matthew Fox and Parker with Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez. Writing the screenplay is one of Britain’s most respected scriptwriters, Jeff Pope. His amazing credits include Cilla with Sheridan Smith, and the movies Philomena with Judi Dench & Steve Coogan (Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations shared with Steve Coogan) and Pierrepoint with Timothy Spall. He has also won three BAFTA awards. More info at :
  • 27 May 2017 – Excellent time at the ‘Meet the Author’ event at the Loughton Festival discussing Zero Night.
  • 4 May 2017 – Big spread on Castle of the Eagles in today’s print edition of The Daily Mirror.
  • SUB-LIEUTENANT ADAM BERGIUS DSC: Sad news is the passing on 3rd March 2017 of one of the last men involved in the XE-Craft operations against the Japanese in 1945, former Sub-Lieutenant Adam Bergius. He was a diver on HMS XE-4, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his gallantry. A lovely man whose conversations and letters aided me enormously with researching The Sea Devils. A true British hero!
  • 10 March 2017 – Lovely time on The Tony Fisher Show, BBC Essex, this afternoon. From 02:11:10
  • Mark BBC Essex

  • DIARY DATES: I shall be appearing shortly on the following radio shows discussing Castle of the Eagles:

BBC ESSEX – The Tony Fisher Show on 10 March at 2pm BBC OXFORD – The Kate Orman Show on 16 March at 11.45am BBC NORFOLK – TBA

  • 23 February 2017 – Castle of the Eagles is published! Available from all good bookshops!
  • 17 February 2017 – Had a great time recording an interview for Dublin City FM‘s Book Bound discussing Castle of the Eagles. Broadcast next week.
  • 15 February 2017 – Great morning at the Muckleburgh Collection in North Norfolk researching the types of vehicles that will be appearing in my next book Ghost Riders, published by Da Capo in 2018. Its the thrilling story of how a small US Army cavalry reconnaissance unit saved the world’s most famous horses in the dying days of World War II.

M24 Chaffee & Me

 M24 Chaffee light tank


Jeep (called a “Peep” by the recon guys)

M8 Greyhound & Me

My favourite – the M8 Greyhound Armoured Car – the main vehicle of US Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadrons

M24 Chaffee

M24 Chaffee – a big 75mm gun on a little tank, but thin armour compared with the Sherman beside her. Not much use against most late war German tanks!

  • UPCOMING EVENT: I shall be appearing on the Tony Fisher Show, BBC Essex on Friday 10th March at 2pm discussing my new book Castle of the Eagles.
  • 6 December 2016: Up at Holkham Beach in Norfolk today exploring some of the settings used in one of my favourite books and war films: The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed Poster Sutherland & Agutter PinesDonald Sutherland & Jenny Agutter in 1975 in the pines behind the beach. Its unchanged today: IMG_0602-2 (Below) Sutherland as Liam Devlin, signalling the Dakota full of German paratroopers from the dunes on Holkham Beach: Liam Devlin Beach IMG_0605

  • 25 November 2016: Tune in to Colne Radio on Sunday 27th November at 1pm to The Film Programme with Heather Cartwright where I will be discussing the film adaptations of Castle of the Eagles and Zero Night. Link:
  • 11 November 2016: US version of Castle of the Eagles cover, for release July 2017 Castle of the Eagles US
  • 25 October 2016: At the fantastic Norfolk Tank Museum today. Chieftan 2
  • 4 October 2016: Essential Media has renewed its option on Zero Night as the movie project continues to develop.
  • 3 October 2016: Very pleased to announce that Castle of the Eagles, my forthcoming escape drama, has been optioned by Hollywood giant Entertainment One for feature film development.
  • 27 September 2016:  Filming at home today in Norwich with French channel RMC Découverte.French Filming
  • 4 August 2016: New cover design for Castle of the Eagles – echoing those great military thrillers of the ’60s and ’70s.

Castle_of_Eagles_vis2 (2)

  • 21 July 2016: At the RAF Museum at Cosford (even better collection than the one at Hendon!). Thrilled to see my favourite WWII aircraft, the Focke-Wulf FW 190, up close and personal.FW190And my second-favourite, the Hurricane!Hurricane
  • 21 June 2016: Interviewed on the Mark Forrest Show on BBC Radio about the history of the George Cross in light of the public campaign to award one to the pensioner who tried to save MP Jo Cox. From -0:25:43 – Mark Forrest Show
  • 7 June 2016: Filming a new National Geographic documentary  NatGeo

Mysteries of World War II presented by Dr. Sam Willis.

  • 4 June 2016: Very enjoyable day speaking at the Loughton Festival about the private world of Adolf Hitler. Many thanks to the organisers and to all who attended!
  • 27 May 2016: I was a guest on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 today discussing President Obama’s controversial visit to Hiroshima. Full interview from 07:00: The Jeremy Vine Show
  • 18 May 2016:  Fantastic review of The Sea Devils in the Australian News Weekly – Book Review
  • 17 April 2016: Watch Mark discussing The Great Escape, Operation Valkyrie and other fascinating WWII dramas in Top Tens of Warfare, Episode 7: Secrets – Quest TV
  • 27 March 2016: Watch Mark in Top Tens of Warfare, Episode 4: Vessels – Quest TV
  • 27 March 2016: First peek at the fantastic cover for my new book Castle of the Eagles – due November 2016 in the UK & US

Castle of the Eages 10(1)

  • March – April 2016: Watch Mark in the new 10-part Discovery Channel series Top Tens of Warfare on Quest, Sundays at 10pm
  • First peek at the cover for Holocaust HeroesHolocaust Heroes 2
  • 30 January 2016: Very enjoyable speaking engagement discussing Zero Night in Chelmsford, Essex
  • 8 November 2015: Nice review of Zero Night in the Australian magazine News WeeklyThe Warburg Wire Job
  • 28 October 2015: Interview on BBC Three Counties Radio with host Iain Lee on unexploded German bombs in Britain Iain Lee
  • 20 October 2015: Brilliant audio version of The Sea Devils released, read by actor Mark Meadows (from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus). The Sea Devils Audio Download
  • 28 September 2015: Very good review of Zero Night in The Gulf News, the Middle East’s main English-language daily: Zero Night
  • 3 September 2015: Watch Mark in the new American Heroes Channel documentary Evolution of Evil: Tojo Evolution of Evil
  • 3 September 2015: Fantastic review of Zero Night in The Wall Street JournalWall Street Journal
  • 3 September 2015: East Anglian Daily Times feature on The Sea DevilsHollywood author
  • 30 August 2015: Nice review of Zero Night in the Galveston, Texas Daily NewsZero Night
  • 24 August 2015: Fun day filming a new History Channel documentary Combat Trains, episode on Hitler’s special train, the FuhrersonderzugHitler's Train
  • 14 August 2015: Interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live discussing VJ Day (from 1:17:00) Stephen Nolan Show
  • DIARY DATE: On Monday 17 August I shall be a guest on The Tony Fisher Show on BBC Essex. Tune in at 2pm to hear me discussing my new book The Sea Devils
  • 16 July 2015 – nice review of Guarding Hitler at War History Online Guarding Hitler
  • 18 June 2015 – fantastic review for The Sea Devils in Eye Spy Magazine

Eye Spy Review

  • 8 June 2015 – Zero Night has been nominated for the prestigious 2015 Kirkus Prize for Non-Fiction
  • 1 June 2015 – in London today filming a new Discovery Channel documentary “Evolution of Evil” on wartime Japanese leader General Tojo, airing in the US later this year

Hideki Tojo

  • 15 May 2015: ‘Three Minutes of Mayhem’ – BBC Radio Documentary on Zero Night

Three Minutes of Mayhem

  • 12 May 2015: Interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio, from 50:00:

BBC Three Counties Radio Interview

  • 8 May 2015: Filming a BBC documentary on Zero Night

photo 2-2 copy

  • 23 April 2015:

photo 2-2photo 4-3 IMG_3651 Being interviewed for the forthcoming Discovery Channel  documentary series “Mad Science: Nazi Killer Bugs” onboard a German U-boat in Bremerhaven

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  1. Just read Zero Night. I think it would make an engrossing and exciting film. I read Great Escape many years ago as a kid, and saw the film many years later when it came out. I think Zero Night has a great story to tell to another generation.

  2. Welcome, thank you for writing a book about the Yangtze Incident. It is sad that history has lacked accuracy in respect of HMS Concord even though the restriction of the 30 year rule has long gone. Your book together with others have corrected the assumption that Concord met Amethyst at the mouth of the Yangtze. It is unfortunate that the Amethyst memorial within the National Memorial Arboretum also states that the meeting took place at the river mouth.
    A big thank you from the few left from the well loved HMS Concord

  3. Wow, what a fantastic website, I’ve learned more from your site about the Obersalzburg than when I visited the Bertchesgaden area several years ago.

    Fantastic job.

  4. Hello Mr Felton,

    Have just read your recent book “Castle of Eagles” and found the whole story most intriguing, but so enlightening. So many high ranking war personnel in one location would seem far to obvious that escaping was the major priority, but that easy for us to say now with so much history behind us. I must admit to a touch of sorrow for the Italians for being duped, and a reluctance to commiserate with the British and Commonwealth prisoners to some degree as they were exceptionally well looked after – will be interesting to see the comparison with “Zero Night” which I have yet to read. I have no knowledge of the non commissioned prisoners well-being in Italian prisons but would not believe they had anything near the benefits of the Villa Orsini and Vincigliata Castle.

    A small item if you could enlighten me is the “mysterious stop” the train always made for 5 minutes prior to crossing through the frontier to Switzerland – why was this, do you know?

    Will look forward to more of your books, thanks for the education.

    Regards, Dave Christensen

  5. I just finished reading Zero Night. I enjoyed it very much. I would like to know what happen to Lieutenant hunt, Royal tank regiment, number 7 on Team 1? He was left at a little station waiting room.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the book. Regarding Hunt, I know he survived the war, but of his postwar life I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything. All the best, Mark

  6. Hi Mark

    Thank you for sharing really interesting and well produced material. I’m curious if there is any evidence/footage of Hitler ever speaking English? I assume that speaking a language other than German would have been well below his priorities.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your support. In answer to your question, I’ve never come across any film of Hitler speaking more than a word or two of English. I don’t think he could.

      All the best!

  7. I am reading Zero Night. It is entertaining history. I keep asking why isn’t this story known more widely?
    One thing I have to ask is the sprinkling of “old chap” and “dashed bad luck” in their speech really how it was? I thought these phrases were mockingly Hollywood inventions. Did the British officer class all talk like that?

  8. Mark
    My name is Graham Hollands a retired Major General living in Normandy and a local Battlefield Historian. Your U Tube post of the action at Steamroller Farm has just been brought to my attention. I am the son of the then Lt (acting Captain) Hollands who features in your post. He was awarded an immediate DSO for leading that action.
    You may not be aware that he had in 1940 been awarded a DCM whilst serving as a Corporal with the Royal Sussex Regiment a part of the BEF in France.
    There is an interesting Post Script to Steamroller Farm when in the 1970s (?) one of the German Paratroopers contacted my father. Their meeting was recorded in an interview by Anne Diamond on a programme “Good Morning Britain. The Tank Museum and myself have a copy of this if you are interested.

    1. Dear General Hollands, many thanks for contacting me about Steamroller Farm. It’s certainly a fascinating action and I appreciate the background on your father. I’d be interested to see the interview to which you refer. Kind regards, Mark

  9. Mark,

    I just wanted you to know that Carol Carpenter ( Apacki) absolutely loved your tribute to Bazooka Charlie who was her father.

    If you would ever like to contact her I can put you in touch. I’m sure she could fill in any blanks you may have.

  10. Mr. Felton,

    I recently watched your videos on U-530 and U-997(?), do you personally have a personal theory for what they were doing? With there missing weaponry, unaccounted for time and lack of cargo.

    1. Hi Mark, I am a big fan your youtube videos and books. I would like to suggest you make a short documentary film on the SS General Hans Kammler who, amongst other things was in charge of the rocket team and other secret weapons projects. At the end of the war Kammler vanished and there has been a lot of speculation about his fate. I see there is a new book coming out about him by a guy who researched the story for 15 years and got access to new archive documents on Kammler. I just pre-ordered the book on amazon, its called The Hidden Nazi. Thanks, Shaun

  11. Sir:

    Really appreciate your YouTube videos on World War II.

    I would like to suggest you do a video on the Battle of Castle Itter—the “last battle” of World War 2 in Europe. Where American troops joined with German soldiers to fight off an SS attack on a prison castle in Austria.

  12. Dr.Felton,
    How can one wear military uniforms and drop bombs on civilians? ( Re: Zeppelin)

  13. Hi Mark,
    My father, who is still alive and kicking, was a sergeant in the 11th Airborne 711 Ordinance unit on Okinawa in August of ’45. On 27 August, he was ordered to fly in one of two B-24 Liberators that were sent that day to Atsugi Airbase, just outside of Tokyo. They were ordered to go unarmed. The guns were removed from the aircraft, and no one was allowed to bring firearms or knives. When they arrived, they were told to assemble whatever Japanese forces who were there and to start clearing the runways for the arrival of transport aircraft. He was there on the ground when General Swing arrived. In all of the writings about the first forces into Japan, there are reports of General Swing and General MacArthur arriving on 29 August, but nothing about the flight my dad speaks of. He is in excellent health at 93, still working every day building furniture. He also has the mental acuity of someone in their ’60’s and is so clear about the details, that I doubt this is some sort of phantom memory. I would love to be able to find any documentation referring to the flight of these B-24’s to validate his memory. (As I sit writing this, I am staring at a framed invasion map of Japan which hangs in my office that he carried with him on that flight). Any suggestions you may have in how to research this would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Mark I have an obsession with your YouTube page I think you are one of the best wartime experts out there. BIG FAN of your work

  15. Mr. Felton: I am 61 and have read world war II history since I was a teenager. I love your tube videos. Fascinating stories about obscure world war II events (loved the Belgian Typhoon attack of the Gestapo Headquarters!) I see you do various military history topics. What about the destroyer squadron disaster at Point Honda in 1923? Adm. Lockwood wrote a book about it, and it is a fascinating story.
    Love your work. I run into MANY obscure WW II events, and I research them for details. The sub BARB landed a demolition team in Japan and blew up a train (summer of ’45) and also fired rockets at one point. Or the P-38 pilot short of fuel that landed on an airfield in japan after the announcement of surrender but before the official ceremonies. The mayor came up and was friendly and he finally got off when a B-17 came in to supply some fuel ( as I recall). It was a big war.

  16. Love your programs – an eclectic roster of information not otherwise commonly known. Thanks for your diligent research!
    I wonder if you have ever considered doing a spot on the Canloans, a group of Canadians trained to be officers in the British army in WW 2. My father was one such, having served as a lieutenant in both the 7th and 11th armored divisions in Europe (wounded in Holland by a sniper but eventually returning for the advance into Germany). It’s an interesting episode in the support of the Commonwealth to the war effort. To my knowledge there is only one book descriptive of this contribution- “Code Word Canloan” by Wilfred I. Smith.
    My dad spoke only occasionally of the war but I’m lucky enough to have my parents’ correspondence during that time, which provides some interesting vignettes. Unfortunately, my mother was not a great sentimentalist so after my father’s death, she gave away most of his war memorabilia. I was able to rescue only a battle jacket from the 7th armored Division and the bullet-riven wallet that he had in his chest pocket when he took the sniper’s packet (splitting a photo of mum no less!)

  17. As a Mekong delta river rat , and the son of a 7 Steps To Hell WW2 Sherman tanker, I have to say your films are awesome!

  18. Hi Mark,
    A quick suggestion for a story that could use the Felton treatment: The attack on Fort Stevens by Japanese submarine I-25.

  19. hello, Mr. Feldman
    I think I may give you a rich theme for s video to produce; Hans Joschim Marseilles .The Star of Africa . One of my personal favorite stories & individuals from the 2nd World War whom I’ve always admired , well , except for that Nazi thing…

    I am a good-ole American capitalist but hearing amazing tales of a near passout Marseilles returns shaking & white from a mission late in his career ( lasted only to 42) ….flying in tennis shoes for a more tactile control finesse …grooved to jazz & was every bit the handful that a Boyington coulda been….but early , preying on hurris & Lancaster’s over Al Saladin ….taking out massive batches of allied planes by storming a luftberry from above , up & thru ….truly a legend from s warbird fanatic.

    and WWII buffs.

    you’d be able to do it so well.

    Anyway, I’m a big fan of you , also.


  20. Hello, Mark Felton

    I have read an interesting article about a B-26 bomber called “flak-bait” who flew 200 missions over ETO, “Across its fuselage was a quiltwork of more than 1,000 patches covering holes—some as large as 16 inches—caused by shrapnel from exploding antiaircraft shells on previous combat missions”.
    Just wondering if you would like to make a video.

  21. Couple of ideas for maybe future videos, have you ever heard of Viktor Nikolayevich Leonov, and seen the movie the 12th man about after a failed anti-Nazi sabotage mission leaves his 11 comrades dead, Norwegian resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud finds himself fleeing from the Gestapo through the snowbound reaches of Scandinavia

  22. Hi Mark:
    Truly enjoy your YouTube channel.

    Here is an idea for a production. The story about General Walther Wenck, the youngest General of the German Army. Commander of the 12th Army, rescuing remnants of the 9th Army and evacuating a large number of civilians to areas occupied by US forces at the end WWII in Europe.


  23. Can you do segment on the HMT Rohna?
    More than 1000 men lost their lives due to guided bomb from a German plane. The story was and has been kept secret for too long.

  24. Thank you for researching, documenting, and sharing your knowledge of WWII. All sides of the war could appreciate your perspective of past events.

  25. I am a great fan of your Youtube films.

    A suggestion for another one: I stumbled across a memorial at Ostend for six British submariners who voluntarily manned a submarine packed with explosives into the harbour wall at Ostend during the First World War The all died but enabled an important Allied attack. Regrettably I did not make notes so cannot provide the full story. I do however feel their sacrifice is worth a modern tribute.

    I would be grateful if you let me know of you follow up on this.

  26. Hello Mark, ever thought about covering the 3 Cod wars on your YouTube channel. Been living in Iceland for the last couple of years and I hear about it all the time. Very interesting. Very few people know it even happened. A David v Goliath style story, thanks

  27. Hi Dr Felton,

    I am a subscriber to your excellent YouTube channels and have been a student of WWII for the passed 53 or 54 years and while I know about many of your videos, there have been just as many that was new information.

    I was watching your Channel a week or two ago and a question arose that I hadn’t thought of previously. It may have been about a video where French Air Force reconnaissance pilots reported the massing of German military on the French border but the General in charge decided it was a load of poppy-cock and they were mistaken. As a non military pilot, I was incensed that in spite of what was happening at the time that the military leader could be so blinded by their own ignorance. This may have been the same General who refused to have a phone line to his house because he believed it was a security risk. This resulted in delays when trying to contact him with urgent matters.

    However I digress. My question is one that I hadn’t occurred to me and I hadn’t ever thought about. We know the French army were fairly equal or even better than the Germans in the tank department but the tank Colonels were unable to agree on how to “deploy” them, one of whom I believe was a certain Colonel Charles de Gaulle. (Sorry, I keep digressing). The question, what were the capabilities of the French airforce, what part did they play in the Battle of France and how did they compared to the experienced German Condor Legion pilots?

    I hope you find this an interesting question and I will one day watch your take on it on your Channel.



  28. Youtube content IDEA – Germany’s constant lack of Oil and its attempts at synthetic oil production and development of the Oil Fields in Romania. Its failed drive for the Caucasuses. Love your content. You are a POPULARIZER of History. As a 24 year US Marine vet, and historian by degree, I’m happy to discuss Marine campaigns in the Pacific and their own innovations in aviation and limited use of the M4.

  29. Good evening,I have been watching your you tube channel,very interesting ,I live in Upottery,Devon and visited the small Nissen hut museum at the WW11 airfield in Smeatharpe. ( where Easy Company flew from)

    They have a section of a German Dornier that was shot down over Upottery that was returning from dropping magnetic mines in the Bristol Channel,1 airman survived the other 3 were buried in Upottery Church,the Museum has a mascot teddy bear dressed in a a German Luftwaffe uniform that was pulled from the wreckage,thought a you tube video with your expertise would be good explaining it in greater detail
    Kind regards

  30. Dear Mark Felton,
    With great interest I have been watching your video’s on your YouTube channel. Perhaps a suggestion for your channel: a video on the uprising of Georgians on Texel in The Netherlands.
    Have attached some relevant links to this massage.
    All the best from Texel,

    The Russian War (on Texel, NL, May 1945)
    In April 1945, the 822nd Wehrmacht-infantry battalion was stationed on Texel. The battalion consisted of 800 Georgian volunteers and 400 German soldiers. German commander Klaus Breitner and volunteer commander Sjalwa Loladze are in charge. On 5 April 1945, Breitner announced that the battalion must prepare to leave early the next day to head east and join the fight against the Allied troops. At the time, Breitner had no idea that many of his German soldiers would not make it through the night.
    In the early hours of 6 April, the Georgian soldiers revolted against their German colleagues. They called the operation ‘The Day of Birth’. Many Georgians were assigned a German from the Battalion to kill. That notorious night 180 Germans soldiers died. They were killed in their sleep with knives and bayonets. The moment of the uprising was more or less chosen by the Germans themselves. A large part of the battalion was to be transferred to the east of the Netherlands to stop the allies. This announcement was why Commander Loladze could not wait any longer and felt the need for the Georgians to redeem themselves for their service in the German army.
    There are several reasons why the Georgians revolted against the Germans. In 1942 they were taken prisoner of war on the Soviet Eastern Front and housed in camps in Poland. The suffering that took place there is too monstrous to put in writing. Hunger, exhaustion, injuries and deaths occurred daily. To escape these inhumane situations, many Georgians voluntarily joined the German army. But the desire for revenge never left them.
    Another reason for the uprising was the imminent liberation. The Allied troops were steadily pushing north from Normandy, and the war was seemingly coming to an end. To clear their name, the Georgians felt they needed to show their loyalty.
    The uprising of the Georgians cost the lives of 120 men from Texel, at least 565 Georgians, and approximately 812 German soldiers. Dozens of farms on Texel went up in flames. Although the German occupier has surrendered unconditionally on 5 May, the war on Texel lasted until 20 May. The Georgian Uprising is also called ‘Europe’s final battlefield.’

  31. Mark,

    Thank you for all the programs you have made-I’m almost done watching them all! Great job and perfect timing during lock downs!
    Since you covered Western Europe extensively, how about adding Eastern Europe?
    Westerplatte? Warsaw Uprising? German occupation of Eastern Europe (which was much harsher than occupation in Western Europe)
    Again-thank you for your hard work!

  32. My father was with the 242 regiment 42 Rainbow Div., Co. F and was present at Dachau. Can you tell me anything about his company’s service there? David I Robinson (Buck) died age 42 when I was 12, so I have very little info. We’re Jewish. My mom said at the time he was very angry that Jews would allow themselves to be degraded like this.

  33. While stationed in Miesau I was told there was a Hitler Youth school in Lanstuhl . It was exceptionally hard to assault and the children refused to give up. The U.S. (?) military decided to starve them out. This didn’t work either until one of the townspeople was caught one-night delivering food to the children through a secret tunnel. After that, the children finally gave up. I also heard the oldest was 17yrs old. Have you heard of this story?

  34. Hi
    I really enjoy your you tube stories all very interesting and informative indeed.
    I recently watched your story on Suez, my father was there in the commandos launched from HMS Theseus. He has told me that lots of the paratroopers in your story were actually injured landing breaking ankles etc and most you see in films in vehicles we actually the wounded. Also that this was the first helicopter based invasion long before the Americans in Vietnam. I would appreciate an info or photos you may have, to show him as he is starting to suffer from dementia.

  35. Hi I am wondering if you have covered the British (Irish fusiliers) occupation of Austria and Yugoslavia in any of your videos? My father in-law was there in 1946, he has many stories of chasing bandits on skis in the mountains and of playing football at about 10,000 feet up against Yugoslavians etc. He became the top sniper in the army then, and even at 93 still has a steady hand and good eyes!! He stayed in a bombed out SS barracks in Austria and has a million stories of life and actions there! Keep up the videos, excellent viewing.

  36. Mark, I have something I think many people don’t know, but I remember it well. When the Japanese flew in for the signing of their surrender they had not painted their aircraft as instructed by us. My mother and I listened to the live broadcast. I believe the Japanese were to have painted their aircraft all white and instead painted it white with black stripes. I remember no one trusted them not to try a suicide attack against the Missouri and gun crews on all of the ships were on alert. I had just turned five.

  37. Dear Mr. Mark Felton,
    My name is Tony Mollner and I live in the United States. First of all I’d like to compliment you on your videos and research. Your attention to details and accuracy are amazing. I greatly enjoy watching your videos and want to thank you.
    I do have a small question for you. In your research are you able to see these films in their entirety? I’m always left hitting the pause button just to soak in all that is in each frame. If you are able to see the full films, I must say that I’m envious of you.


  38. Your video about Hitler’s everyday voice was in my YouTube recommended list and I ended up spending 4 hours on a Saturday night watching through your videos. An incredible channel and I wish YouTube have recommended it to be sooner!

  39. I am a veteran army paratrooper having served with the 82nd Airborne division and a student of war history. I learn so VERY much from your videos! Please keep up the great work you do.

  40. Dr.Felton, Really exceptional work on every topic you’ve delivered. I’ve been whisked away many times into the past by your skillful narration. God bless you and yours. Keep on keeping on Much love and respect from United States.

  41. Quality work Mark, in this day and age hard to come by. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment and education you have provided me. Congratulation on the making the million.

  42. Dr Felton

    Your videos are fantastic! I always share them with my children. In fact we just watched your YouTube video about the third atomic bomb.

    A request; a video of some type detailing the exploits the Navy’s P.T. Boats in the Pacific Theater.

    Thank you so much.

    Beaverton, Oregon

  43. Also, my father an anti-aircraft gunner with the Luftwaffe on the river Sose. He was captured at age 17 and was imprisoned in the Rhine Meadows. Your recent posting on this was very impelling as it compared to my fathers story (still living age 93).

  44. Doctor Felton, I just watched your AVG video. Excellent, as usual.

    Many years ago I saw photos of a funeral for an AVG pilot. It got me thinking that next time in Kunming, I would try to find the “Flying Tiger cemetery. About 10 years ago I got my chance. It turns out, the original cemetery grounds were reclaimed to build a PLA supply depot. The graves had been dug up and the bodies (of both US and Chinese) were re-buried in shallow graves on Tiger Mountain. The corpses had been later pilfered during the Cultural Revolution, when locals were starving and looking for items of value such as watches, rings, gold teeth, etc.
    Currently, the graves are not marked. The tombstones were used for a water reservoir project, with holes drilled through many of them as part of a water level control system.

    I wrote about what I found and how I discovered it in a trip report. It’s nowhere near the caliber of your work, but you may find it of interest. I would be glad to send it to you. Please advise.

  45. Dear Mr. Felton,
    in your video clip about the so called “Ehrentempel” in Munich you mention the 16 coffins for the Nazi members that where killed on Nov. 9th.

    In reality only 15 Nazi members got killed and the 16th coffin contained the body of a waiter called Karl Kuhn of a near by restaurant. This waiter heard the noise of the Nazi march, went outside to observe the scene and got killed by accident.

    In order to get an even number of victims he became a Nazi member post mortem.

    best regards

    Harald Kreuzer

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